Personal Manager - Single Point of Contact
Our Services
Financial Manager
A wide variety of customized services include:

  • Balancing financial accounts
  • Preparation of checks for signature
  • Preparing and delivering bank deposits
  • Making calls to payees regarding incorrect bills
  • Working with legal, tax, and investment professionals
  • Organizing tax documents and other financial paperwork
  • Negotiating with creditors and evaluating credit proposals
  • Paying the bills - credit card, loan payments, utility bills,
    tuition, etc.
  • Consulting on personal financial management, including
    budgets/cash plans
  • Deciphering medical insurance papers and verifying
    proper processing of claims
  • Maintaining organization of financial records and
    investment portfolios
Personal Business Integration is able to address any

  • You need one person to turn to for everything
  • You have tried to tackle financial issues on your own
  • You are tired of being "sold" by your financial professionals
  • You receive advice from financial planners, bankers,
    accountants, and attorneys that does not seem to be in your
  • Coordinating your financial professionals is too
With the caring, compassionate, expert
guidance and support you need to feel
confident with your earned, inherited or
sudden wealth
we will:

  • Manage your debt
  • Build cash spending plans
  • Assess your current financial
  • Plan steps for retirement, college
    funds, vacations, unexpected
  • Explore your financial history and
    how your past experience has
    influenced your current finances
  • Supervise travel and transportation
  • Manage dry cleaning, party
    planning, pet grooming etc.
  • Collaborate on sensitive financial
  • We will address any financial
"managing the business of life"
The Personal Financial Management and
Concierge Service
Peace of Mind