Our business is only as great as our team, and we have worked to seek out and retain
industry experts dedicated to the success of our clients.  Our team members embrace
unique qualifications, education, backgrounds, and areas of expertise.
Our Areas of Expertise

Personal Business Integration
understands the unique
demands placed on athletes.  
We also understand the
delicate balance between
sponsors, agents and financial

PBI will work in conjunction
with your agent(s) and current
financial professionals as a
fiduciary to enhance these
relationships and provide you
with a one stop shop for
fiduciary questions, concerns,
and responsibility.

We have the unique ability to
work with your agents and
financial professionals to
create budget plans, purchase
and sell homes and
automobiles and to ensure
your investments meet your
risk profile.
We ensure that loans you may
take out are appropriate and
manage global cash flow

Personal Business Integration
recognizes the unique
demands placed on
physicians.  We understand
that with the time commitment
your practice requires your
personal time is very

We understand that you often
receive advice from "the
doctors table", your broker,
your banker and others but,
this advice often conflicts.  

PBI is there as your personal
fiduciary to sort through the
chaos and work on your behalf
to save you time and money.  
WE are there to help
objectively answer questions
that most other fiduciaries can
not. All the while managing bill
payment, cash flow
management, and seeking out
best in class and best value
providers for everything from
travel to cleaning services and
Our Specialties
managing the business of life
Sudden Wealth

If you recently received a large
cash settlement or annuity for
anything from a divorce to the
lottery you need someone to
work on your behalf to
navigate through the scams
and work with you to insure
you are not taken advantage

PBI is not another "investment
advisor" we are a team of
professionals dedicated to you
and your unique needs.  Our
product is our knowledge and

We do not "sell" insurance,
investments, or banking
services we do however work
with you and for you on
deciding what investments,
insurances, and banking
products are right for you.  In
addition we are able to help
you buy and sell homes and
automobiles as well as provide
cash flow management and bill
paying services.  Its your
decision we will help you to
make the right ones for you.