One Professional To Manage It All
Customized solutions include:
  • working with travel agents to create custom vacations and
    business trips
  • organizing a walk through, test drive and financing options
    when it is time to buy a new home, automobile, yacht or
  • anything else just ask
What About Customized Services?
Using their comprehensive knowledge your financial concierge
will manage all of your finances as well as work with your
existing financial professionals.  They will:  
  • provide cash flow analysis, and manage personal cash flow
  • streamline the bill paying process
  • manage bill payment
  • reduce inefficiency
We also evaluate expenditures on services and seek out "best in
class" providers to maximize the benefits and "cut out the fat".  
What Services Are Provided?
Born from the long tradition of the hotel concierge and
their promise of ultimate personal service Personal
Business Integration is the true Personal Concierge.  We
provide you with a single point of contact for e
financial and lifestyle need.
What Is Personal Business Integration?
"managing the business of life"
A Single Point Of Contact...
Here to help you
navigate every
aspect of life
The Personal Financial Management and
Concierge Service